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Drinking Water & Ground Water

The Private Well Class
  1. Long Term 2 Enhanced Surface Water Treatment Rule: Toolbox Guidance Manual (PDF) (380 pp, 3.0MB, About PDF)
  2. a) Stage 2 DBP Compliance Monitoring Plan Template (Microsoft Word) (4 pp, 88K)
    b) Stage 2 DBP Compliance Calculation Procedures (PDF) (2 pp, 100K, About PDF)
Note: Systems in Kansas should forward the completed template (2a) and calculation procedures (2b) to Andrew Hare, Kansas Department of Health and Environment.

Region 7 Safe Drinking Water Act Programs

The programs and provisions of the Safe Drinking Water Act are carried out in Region 7 by the Drinking Water Management Branch (DRWM). Our mission is to protect the ground water and surface waters currently or potentially used as drinking water sources of Region 7, as well as the health of consumers whose water is provided by a public water supply. The DRWM Branch provides administrative and technical support to federal, state, tribal, county, and local agencies, as well as the public, for those issues pertaining to the protection of underground and surface water sources of drinking water and the biological, physical, and chemical quality of treated drinking water.

Under the mandates of the Safe Drinking Water Act, the Source Water Protection/Wellhead Protection and Underground Injection Control Programs are concerned with the protection of sources of drinking water, and the Public Water System Supervision Program regulates the quality of treated drinking water. Because water protection provisions are included in most of the legislation administered by EPA, the DRWM Branch works closely with other Regional environmental program offices to integrate ground water and surface water issues into a comprehensive, resource-based water protection effort. In addition, coordination with other federal agencies, as their programs relate to drinking water, is of prime importance.

For additional information on the programs covered by the Safe Drinking Water Act, please visit EPA’s Office of Water home page or Office of Ground Water and Drinking Water home page, or contact one of the professionals listed on the Region 7 Safe Drinking Water Act Contacts page.

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